It’s amazing how a city can change, over a decade, after a year, or even within a few months. Burlington has certainly grown and evolved in recent years. Here is a look at some of its best-loved destinations and how they have changed today.

LaSalle Park (formerly Wabasso)

Source: The Hamilton Spectator

Source: Burlington Cultural Map

There was a time when a wooden roller coaster sat in the middle of this popular, lakefront community space, along with a dancehall and merry-go-round. Now instead of riding the coaster, families can enjoy picnics, bocci, a playground and much more.

The Brant Plaza

Source: Vintage Burlington

Source: Burlington Gazette

Woolworths, Bata, and Loblaws haven’t been a part of Brant Plaza for quite some time. However, the presence of a big pharmacy, postal outlet and numerous shops means that it’s still an important, local retail destination.

The Brant Inn

Source: Burlington Public Library

Source: The Hamilton Spectator

During the 1930s to the 60s North America’s best and brightest entertainers and Big Bands flocked to the famous Brant Inn. It was a mecca for glitz and glamorous revelry. Today, the Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital stands in its place, featuring 245 inpatient beds. The hospital has recently opened the seven-storey Michael Lee-Chin and Family Patient Tower, which combines technology, open space and a calming environment to encourage health and healing.

The Hume Theatre

Source: Ontario Archives

Source: Lakeshore Coffee House

Before the days of sprawling multiplexes, Hume Theatre (which eventually became the Roxy and then the Odeon) was the only movie theatre in town. It was converted into retail space back in the 1980s. The Lakeshore Coffee House has made a home in part of the former theatre, which sits at the bottom of Brant Street, on Lakeshore. In addition to providing patrons with an inspired cup of organic, free trade coffee, some of the employees might even be able to tell you about the secret back room, which still offers a glimpse of the old theatre auditorium.

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