Celebrating 30 Years in business

At Carriage Gate, we’ve built a reputation as a forward-thinking developer and a skillful builder at the leading edge of design, quality and technology. Across the Golden Horseshoe, our reputation has developed as a visionary company specializing in the construction of high-quality homes and condominiums.

Each of our endeavours is rooted in our dedication to custom finishes and attention-to-detail. One of the unique perspectives we employ is our concept of designing our living spaces around the kitchen. By doing so, we to create floor plans that allow for a more family-centric lifestyles and a higher quality of life in every residence we create.
When you are searching for the ultimate in luxurious downtown Burlington condominium living, the name Carriage Gate should be your guide, leading you to the perfect home and a lifelong investment in quality.

As we continue to evolve and grow, our traditional respect for our customers and our craft remain. Today’s Carriage Gate is a developer and community partner defined by our new branding and positioning phrase: “Home To New Living” as we are helping to transform downtown Burlington’s skyline.